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Our collection of electronic dart boards combines the traditional game of darts with technology. Whether you opt for one of our contemporary touch screen soft tip dartboards or our Wi-Fi enabled smart dartboards, you’ll be able to track your scores in practice and during games with your friends and family. You’ll find everything you need from this electronic dartboard range with many of these boards also including two sets of soft tip darts to throw with!

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Collection :Electronic Dartboards

An electronic dartboard is used for soft tip darts and in most cases comes with a built-in digital scoreboard. This makes an electronic soft tip dart board an exciting choice for players as most of them will do the counting for you. The automated scoring system takes away the tricky maths part and is perfect for beginners who are just starting out as they can focus solely on throwing the darts!

Our soft tip electronic dart board collection includes boards from XQMax, Viper and Granboard, so you can expect the same quality that you’re used to from your favourite brands.

Endless Game Play Options

Choosing one of our electronic dartboards will give you hours of fun. Many of the boards in this collection have a huge variety of different games you can play, with many of them also including built-in lights and sounds to add to the fun. The games featured on these boards are suitable for all skill levels too, so you’ll find a game to enjoy either in practice or to play against your friends and family.

Some of these electronic boards also allow you to even go online and play different games against other players (or friends and family members) from around the world. One popular example is the Granboard 3S – Professional Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard - Blue, which you can connect to via an app on your phone.

Granboard is a world-famous brand and is renowned for their revolutionary soft tip electronic dartboards. The Granboard 3S is part of the next generation of home electronic dartboards, as it is completely application-driven and is fully compatible with Android and IOS. With the Granboard app you can track your averages and upload your scores to a large worldwide database, so you can see how your game compares to players from all around the world!

Soft Tip Technology

An electronic soft tip dart board is made of robust plastic materials with pre-moulded holes. When a dart enters the board, it interacts with the location sensors built into the board to calculate your score. The electronic dart board scorer will then show you what score you have left.

Soft tip boards are used by players of all ages, but the plastic points used with the darts makes it a safer game to play than the steel tip version, which also makes it more suitable for younger players. Browse our full soft tip darts collection and pick up a new set of darts to play with on your electronic dartboard.

Accurate & Precise Scoring

An electronic dartboard has location sensors to detect the location of the dart when it lands in the board. When a dart enters one of the pre-moulded holes in the board a sensor will trigger and automatically counts the points and calculates the score for you.

This is a great feature as you can focus solely on the game and not have to worry about adding and subtracting your scores. This is good in particularly for youngsters and also for game nights, when you’ve got your friends and family over, and you don’t have to keep track of everyone’s score, as the board will do it all for you.

It is important to remember that you can only use darts with soft tip points in them on an electronic board. This is because the soft tip darts will stick into the board, whilst darts with metal tips (used for steel tip) will damage the board.

The Future of Darts

Players should embrace the new technology with electronic dartboards. A soft tip board from this range is very practical as most of them will add up the scores themselves, and with the integrated scoreboard you can see your scores straight away.

Most of these electronic boards also offer players the chance to play various games, with a lot of them also suitable for multiple players, which is ideal for when you have friends and family members visiting to play darts. The option to play games online also gives players the chance to connect to other people from around the world through a shared passion of darts.

A soft tip board is also the perfect choice for families with young children as the points used in soft tip darts are made from plastic. These points won’t damage your walls or floor, but we still recommend that young children are supervised whilst playing. Soft tip is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages and in some parts of the world, such as Asia and North America, it is very popular.


Not sure which electronic dart board is right for you? Take a look at our dartboard buying guide for more information. Read our ‘What Are Soft Tip Darts’ blog for an in-depth look into the world of soft tip darts. You can also contact us and chat to our customer services team, who can help with any queries relating to installation, delivery, returns or any other concerns you might have.

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