The GranBoard dartboard collection will elevate your soft tip darts experience and make it fun and engaging for players of all skill levels. Darts Corner is excited to stock this world-famous brand who are known for their revolutionary soft tip boards. This range has been crafted with premium materials whilst also embracing a smart and connected approach. Integrate your mobile device and play online darts at home in a variety of exciting games, track your scores and enter online matches against players from all around the world with our GranBoard dartboards collection!

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This page includes a range of GranBoard products which can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. The GranBoard is regarded as being amongst the best soft tip dart board options available on the market, as you can fully customise your setup with a variety of accessories. Pick up a smartphone holder for your online matches, so you can have a camera pointing on you to show your opponent while you are throwing.

GranBoard Dartboards

Join the world’s largest online darts community and meet new darts friends with the GranBoard 3S and GranBoard 132, which both feature on this page and in our electronic soft tip dartboards collection. Use a set of soft tip darts with one of these boards and your scores will be registered by the board’s built-in sensors. A GranBoard dartboard is perfect for kids as the soft tip darts used are made with plastic points, which makes them a safer option than steel tip darts that have sharp metal points.

One of these boards is great for adults too, as you can connect to their app with Bluetooth and interact with other players from all around the world. Track your scores and upload them to a worldwide database and see how your skills compare to other players, then see if you can climb the leaderboard.

Devices that are compatible with the GranBoard app include iOS and Android, and it can be used on your phone, tablet or smart TV to show you the latest scores in your matches. The unique LED design lights up during play and will look great in any games room at home.

A GranBoard is the ideal choice for players wanting to improve their own game and also have fun at the same time. There are nine levels of difficulty when you play against the computer, or if you are playing against friends there are countless game variations to try out, with more games being added with each software update.

GranBoard GranCam

The GranBoard GranCam is one of the most popular GranBoard accessories to make your darts setup at home even better. Whilst the camera on your smartphone or tablet is focused on you throwing, this is a secondary camera which can enhance your playing experience when playing in matches online.

The GranCam features a dynamic auto zoom that will zoom in on sections of the dartboard even before you throw. Next time you are throwing for a double to check out, or on the last dart going for a 180, or a potential hat-trick of bullseyes then the camera will focus in on the target you are aiming for. The GranCam is also small and easy to mount, with a one-time quick setup, and can really build the excitement during an intense game online against your friends!

Who can play?

GranBoard makes products that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels and by all ages too. If you are a newcomer to the game or a darts veteran with lots of experience, and wherever you are in the world, investing in a GranBoard dartboard will take your darts setup to a whole new level.

A board from this collection is perfect for a games room or any home darts setup. Make sure to read our ‘Tips On Adding Darts To Your Man Cave’ blog for even more top tips on creating a darts setup that will be the envy of all your friends!


Need some help choosing something from our popular GranBoard collection? You can use our contact us page to speak to Darts Corner’s expert team in customer services, who can help with any questions about delivery, returns or any other concerns you may have about the GranBoard products on this page.

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