Moulded Dart Flights

Our Moulded Dart Flights collection provides players with incredible consistency as they will maintain a perfect 90 degree angle during play. Made with thicker materials and designed to be more durable, you’ll find the best moulded dart flights in this extensive range with a flight option to suit every player.

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Collection :Moulded Dart Flights

This range of moulded dart flights includes plenty of options from leading brands such as Cosmo, L-Style and Condor. There’s a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from and in different colours, so you’re certain to find something that fits in with your style.

Moulded dart flights also come in different shapes including standard, shape, pear and kite. A standard/shape flight is the most commonly used flight shape by players, whilst there are other options available for those who prefer a smaller flight. A pear/kite shaped flight is smaller in size and tends to help the dart travel faster through the air.

Folded vs Moulded Dart Flights

There are several differences between folded and moulded dart flights, with each offering their own unique benefits for players. A moulded flight is made from thicker materials than a folded flight, which makes them more durable and will mean you won’t have to replace the flights in your darts as often.

Moulded flights are more expensive than folded flights, but they are designed to last longer, and the thicker material means they will take less damage when they collide into other darts. A moulded flight will also keep a 90 degree angle, whereas the angle of a folded flight will change during play.

Whilst still only a recent invention in the game, several professional players use moulded flights in their darts as they provide them with more longevity during practice and matches. The 2020 Grand Slam of Darts winner Jose De Sousa and former major finalist Ryan Searle are two players who use moulded flights. For players of all abilities though it’s a personal preference on the flights you use. Read our ‘How To Choose A Flight’ blog for an in-depth look at the different flight shapes available.

Darts Corner’s Best Moulded Flights

The Condor Axe flight is one of our most popular products from this range. The integrated one-piece stem and flight system makes the Condor Axe an ideal choice for players as the flight and stem will not separate during play. These flights are made using a special premium resin material and also offer spring-like flexibility, so the flight will maintain a perfect 90 degree angle.

Browse our entire range of dart flights to see our full selection of folded and moulded flights.


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