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Have you won a treat? Activate your lifetime barrel guarantee or register for news to spin the wheel!

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Activate your lifetime barrel guarantee or register for news and new product launches.

Activate your lifetime barrel guarantee here and you might win a prize!

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We’re so confident in the quality of our darts that we offer to replace the barrel if it breaks.

Terms and conditions apply.

Ruthless is aggression and power materialized. Superior quality fused with pure attitude.

Forge your edge and destroy your opposition; no compromises, no bullsh*t, and no limits.

Dangerously Good Darts

  • Our Legendary Flights
  • Deflactagrip Shafts
  • Match Weighted +/- 0.05g
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Doesn’t Contain Nuts

Unleash Your Darting Power, Sustainably!

At Ruthless, we are committed to sustainability; that’s why our shirts are made from recycled materials. Plastic bottles are turned into soft polyester fabric to minimize waste, reduce our environmental impact, and contribute to a more sustainable future. From the moment you wear your Ruthless shirt you're making a positive choice for the planet. Our darts shirts look great, perform well, last a long time, and provide unrivalled value for money.

All our flights, shafts and accessories also come in biodegradable bags, which you can compost! Join us in our quest for a world where sustainability and passion for darts go hand in hand.

Lifetime Barrel Guarantee Terms and Conditions

We’ll replace the barrel of your darts if it’s been registered for over 60 days before you contact us to replace it. This guarantee
is to replace broken barrels, and does not include damage such as chips and dints. This guarantee does not include points, shafts and flights; these are consumable products and will need replacing regularly to maintain the optimum performance of your darts.