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Bulls * Spike Darts - Steel Tip Tungsten - Incredible Grip

  • $48.21
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BU-ST-SPIK-S1-21 Material 90% Tungsten
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-21 Length 50.3 mm
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-21 Width 7.2 mm
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-22 Material 90% Tungsten
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-22 Length 50.3 mm
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-22 Width 7.5 mm
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-23 Material 90% Tungsten
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-23 Length 50.4 mm
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-23 Width 7.4 mm
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-24 Material 90% Tungsten
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-24 Length 50.4 mm
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-24 Width 7.4 mm
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-25 Material 90% Tungsten
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-25 Length 50.3 mm
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-25 Width 7.4 mm
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-26 Material 90% Tungsten
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-26 Length 50.3 mm
BU-ST-SPIK-S1-26 Width 7.5 mm
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Bulls Spike 90% Tungsten Darts. The most aggressive grip ever seen on a dart. Each pack contains Bulls Shafts, Bulls Flights, and a Slim Case.
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