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A Beginners Guide To Darts Accessories

A Beginners Guide To Darts Accessories

Paul Ryan |

Want to push up your average and show your friends what you’re really capable of?

Check out these top darts accessories to take your game to the next level.


Grip Or Wax

Do darts constantly slip from your fingers or your hands when you sweat? We’ve got the perfect solution in our grips and waxes.

Flight Punch

You can use Flight Punches with Slot Locks, Rings and Springs to hold those flights in tight.

Laser Oche

If you don’t want to put down a mat or stick an oche to the floor, then a laser oche is for you.

Carbon Stems

Carbon Stems are super light, super tough, with lots available to choose from.

Condor Flights

Condors Flights are both durable and lightweight, and if you don’t like carrying around lots of spares then these are perfect to keep in your darts for a long time. 

Flight Protectors

These will make your flights last longer, but they do affect the balance which could work in your favour or not. However, they are cheap so are well worth trying!

Heavy Darts

Heavy Darts are easier to throw and keep straight and are not as fat as they once were. There are now several pro players using 30g+ darts.

Darts Scale

You might be surprised if you’ve had your darts for a long time, that one dart is lighter or heavier than the other two. Buying a Darts Scale comes in handy if you want to keep track of their weight.

Broken Stem Remover

If you use Nylon Stems, it’s possible that when a dart hits the floor the stem can snap off and it can be very difficult to remove the screwed-in part. Carry one of these in your case to make things easy…

Darts Cleaning Kit

Darts have rings or nooks and crannies for dirt to get into. Clean them regularly with a Darts Cleaning Kit.

Thicker Flights

This will help slow your dart down a little so if you have a fast or hard throw, this might help the balance of your throw.

Razor Grip Darts

Razor Grip Darts will really grip your fingers to the barrel, with a 5/5 grip level guaranteed.

Travel Stand

There are many reasons to buy a Travel Stand for your board. They can be put up and down in seconds if you’re short on space or can be thrown in the car for your holidays.

Retractable Oche

A Retractable Oche is as good as the real thing and can be put away after you’ve finished playing.

Shot Flights

They are probably the brightest and most vibrant flights available. There really is something for everyone…

Personalised Surround

While it won't make you play better it will protect the area around the board from stay darts... and a surround with your own logo, nickname looks cool!


We have put together a Top 10 'Man Cave' Must Haves page which contains the must have darts accessories to make your very own darts den. 

We also have special training dartboards and darts training aids which might help you improve your game.


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