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Repointing A Dart

Repointing A Dart

Steve Reed |

How to repoint your darts

Knowing how to repoint a dart is an important skill to have and is a simple process if you have the right tools. Using a darts repointer makes it quick and easy to change the points in your favourite set of arrows.

You could improve your game by repointing your darts. With different styles and lengths of points available, it is worthwhile experimenting to see what works best for you. Follow our guide for some useful tips on how to repoint your darts successfully.

Why repoint your darts?

A dart point is just as important as the flight or shaft in influencing your throw, and switching your points is a good way of trying something different if you’re not getting on with the darts you currently use. It is also a more affordable option than buying a whole new set of darts.

It is not unusual these days to change your points, and many players tinker with their equipment to find the setup that is right for them. A dart repointing tool will help you remove the point from your dart and replace it with a new one.

Dart points come in different lengths, thicknesses and grip styles. These factors can have a big impact on your game. For example, a thicker point might offer better grip, but the dart could land differently in the board. If your darts aren’t very stable in the board, you could try using a shorter point. If your fingers touch the point when you throw the dart, and prefer a grippier dart, switching from a smooth point to something with more grip could improve your game.

Before you start repointing your darts

It is important to be fully prepared and have all the correct equipment ready before you start repointing your darts. Refer back to these tips when you’re following our step-by-step instructions for how to repoint darts at home in the next section.

It is useful to have some super glue and oil (cooking/bike) to hand. If you have a dart that has been repointed many times, you might need a very small amount of super glue to place inside the barrel. The reason for this is that the inside of the barrel (at the tip end) will be narrower, and the more times a point is pushed into here, the wider/looser it becomes.

Super glue can also be used if the points aren’t sitting straight in the barrel. You may want to use some oil if you’re experiencing a lot of resistance when repointing. This might occur as points come in a variety of widths.

Using a repointer to change your points

How to use a dart repointer - How To Repoint A Dart


How do you repoint darts with a repointing tool? This step-by-step guide is based on using the Mission R-Point Expert Hand Held Repointer, which is the perfect tool for repointing any steel tip dart. This tool is simple to use and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.


Step 1 – Firstly, remove the flight and stem leaving a dart with just the barrel and the point. Prepare your repointer by unwinding the T-bar as far back as it will go and then, using the Allen keys provided, loosen the two screws at the opposite end.

Step 2 - Take your first dart and put the point through the base, then screw the barrel onto the thread holder like you are putting a stem on a dart.

Step 3 – Once the barrel is in place, use the T-bar to wind the dart down towards the base until you can see the point sticking out through the other side of the repointer.

Step 4 – Using the Allen keys, tighten up both screws at the base equally. With the clamp now secure, unscrew the T-bar until the point has been completely removed from the barrel.

Step 5 – Loosen the two screws at the base and remove the loose point from the saddle. Place your new point through the clamping saddle and tighten the screws again to make sure it is secure.

Step 6 – Make sure your new point and the barrel of your dart are in line. Then start to wind the T-bar and guide the barrel centrally onto the point. It may need some extra force, depending on the dart, so continue this process until the two parts are firmly in place.

Step 7 – Loosen the two screws at the base and then unscrew with the T-bar until the point is completely unattached from the saddle. Twist off the barrel from the thread holder to remove your new repointed dart. Repeat these steps for all three darts.

Watch our video with Mission Precision’s Andy Cornwall on how to use the Mission R-Point Expert Hand Held Repointer below.

Common mistakes made with repointers

One of the frequent errors people make when using a dart repointer is not aligning the barrel and new point correctly. If you stray off the centre and the point goes into the barrel at a different angle it can damage the nose of the barrel. It is important to make sure the point and barrel are perfectly in line when fitting them together.

Placing your hand over the clamping saddle of the repointing tool can also cause the barrel and the point to be misaligned. Doing this can force the barrel and, subsequently the point, in the wrong direction and once pressure is applied it can break the barrel and/or the point.

Be careful not to overtighten the new point into the barrel, as this can potentially lead to the points bending. It is also wise to measure the point after each dart has been repointed to make sure that all of your darts are the same length.

Another problem that may sometimes occur is when the new point falls out of the dart. To ensure this does not happen during play, try to pull the point and barrel apart with your hand after repointing your dart. If the point and barrel separate, then apply a small amount of super glue to the point and repeat the repointing process before leaving it to dry. This extra step should ensure the point does not fall out.

Check out our range of dart repointing tools at Darts Corner here.

Darts Corner’s repointing service

Another option is to have our expert team at Darts Corner repoint your darts for you from our site in Bolton, for a small fee.

You can send the darts you want repointing to us via post. Just make sure to send using a recorded means of delivery to ensure our safe receipt.

Find out more about Darts Corner’s dart repointing service for new and old darts here.

Choosing your dart points

Not sure what points to go for? The length of dart points ranges from 22m to 48mm and the size you choose can influence how you throw and play. A shorter point will tend to travel straighter through the air, but may result in your darts covering more of the target you’re aiming for. This is because the barrel of your darts will be closer to the surface area of the dartboard.

A dart with a longer point will have more of the point sticking out from the board and as a result, the barrel will be further away from the face of the board. This can help improve your scoring power as less of the dart will be covering the target you’re aiming for.

Dart points for beginners

Mission Glide Dart Points are recommended for beginners as they are an affordable option and come in a range of different sizes. You can pick up several different points at a low price and try them out with your darts to see which ones work best for you.

Dart points for trying something new

Bulls NL Rainbow Dart Points are ideal if you want to try something new. As opposed to the usual silver and black coloured points, these points come in an eye-catching design with lots of different colours, ensuring you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Pro dart points

Mission Sniper Points are what many pro players use, including the 2022 PDC world youth champion and hot prospect Josh Rock. These points provide extra grip and reduce damage to the dartboard when removing your darts after each throw.

Now you know how to repoint a dart properly

Investing in a darts repointing tool can save players money in the long run, as you can use it any time you need to change the points in your darts. It is a useful tool to have with you when you want to try out different dart points and is a great way to experiment with your current darts setup.

The length of your points will affect how your darts enter the board and the style of points you choose will offer their own unique characteristics. We would recommend trying out a range of dart points in different sizes and styles to see what suits your game the best.

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