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Designa Tribal Apache Darts - Steel Tip Tungsten

  • $22.76
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DE-ST-TAP-S1-21 Material 80% Tungsten
DE-ST-TAP-S1-21 Length 50.6 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-21 Width 6.1 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-22 Material 80% Tungsten
DE-ST-TAP-S1-22 Length 50.6 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-22 Width 6.3 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-23 Material 80% Tungsten
DE-ST-TAP-S1-23 Length 50.7 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-23 Width 6.5 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-24 Material 80% Tungsten
DE-ST-TAP-S1-24 Length 50.9 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-24 Width 6.5 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-25 Material 80% Tungsten
DE-ST-TAP-S1-25 Length 48.3 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-25 Width 6.9 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-26 Material 80% Tungsten
DE-ST-TAP-S1-26 Length 50.6 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-26 Width 6.8 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-27 Material 80% Tungsten
DE-ST-TAP-S1-27 Length 50.7 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-27 Width 7.1 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-28 Material 80% Tungsten
DE-ST-TAP-S1-28 Length 50.8 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-28 Width 7.1 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-30 Material 80% Tungsten
DE-ST-TAP-S1-30 Length 48.5 mm
DE-ST-TAP-S1-30 Width 8 mm
Designa Tribal Apache Darts - 80% Steel Tip Tungsten. All Designa branded darts are provided as darts only in a point protector.
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