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Dart Flight Setup

Flights come in a variety of shapes, sizes & thickness. Below we go through all of the great range of flights that we stock here at Darts Corner. Click Here to see our fantastic range of flights.



By far the most common shape flight used in the sport of darts, the reason we use flights is to keep the darts stable and straight in the air and this allows the darts to be thrown more consistently. The larger the flight the more you can get away with. If you find you throw your darts at a severe angle then standard flights are a must! As they will help to control your darts and keep them stable. The smaller the flight the faster the dart will travel and cut through the air, however the smaller the flight the less forgiving they are on a badly throw dart. Standard shape flights are ideal for any player who either has heavy darts around 23g+ or has a weak / lobbing throw, a standard flight will keep the dart aloft and stable in the air more than its slimmer versions such as pear and slim shapes.

You can find our great selection of Standard shape flights here - Standard Shape Flights



If you tend to throw the dart a bit harder or have lightweight darts which are 22g and under then these types of flights may be suitable for your style. The main bonus of a smaller flight is that once the dart is in the board then the smaller flight covers less of the target which allows a greater opportunity for high scoring. If you can throw these flights and the dart still flies smoothly through the air then they may just be the flight for you, but if the dart starts ‘wobbling’ or ‘waving about’ in the air then these flights are not suitable and I would highly recommend you go back to using standard shape flights. Most players will likely prefer the standard shape flights as not a lot of players can get away with these slimmer versions, just ask yourself how many top players use pear or kite flights? Kevin Painter, Glen Durrant, Paul Nicholson but there are not many others.

You can find our great selection of Pear, Kite & Fantail shape flights here - Pear Shape Flights, Kite Shape Flights & Fantail Shape Flights



Flights like these are really specialist and 95% of players will not be able to use these types, the only time I can recommend using these types is if you ‘stack’ your darts. By ‘stacking’ I mean like how Phil Taylor plays, he throws for the bottom wire of the treble 20 and then tries to place two more darts on top of the first one. To play like this you need to throw straight and get your darts to land ‘flat’ in the board consistently throw after throw, if you can do this then the advantages of using these small specialist flights is great. However if you can’t then using these flights could be a brave move indeed, because of the small size they allow the dart to travel much faster in the air, but if the dart is not thrown perfectly then it can very easily ‘over-rotate’ and lose speed and not have enough momentum to stay in the board itself meaning you suffer ‘fall outs’ because of this.

You can find our great selection of Slim, and DXM shape flights at Darts Corner.



Flights like these in weird and wonderful shapes don’t really offer anything different that any of the normal conventional flights can offer. Using these types of flights would be entirely down to player preference but here is a quick guide to what I would class these types as just in case you want to try something just that little but different. V-wing have similar properties to slim type flights. Mini flights are basically just a standard flight but very small, they actually behave and act like slim flights because they are so small.

You can find our great selection of V-Wing and Mini shape flights here at Darts Corner.


Flight Systems

Flight and shaft systems are not your normal kettle of fish, like most things some people think the traditional flight and shaft is outdated so darts manufactures have come up with various systems that have certain advantages unique to each system, generally as a rule these systems are usually more hard wearing than the traditional set up but also tend to be a bit more pricey.



The condor system is actually confused from time to time with the cheap plastic flights that used to come with pub brass darts sets, it is understandable why people think this but the condor systems are far more sophisticated than that. Firstly this system is actually lighter in weight than a normal flight and stem so this can have an effect on how the dart behaves and flies. Condors can be used with any weight dart but they tend to be more effective with heavier darts as the condor’s themselves are extremely flexible, you can use this flexibility to ‘cheat’ space that was not there before and group your darts right next to each other time and time again without worrying about deflections of the flights. They are also very hard wearing and can last weeks rather than hours which normal poly flights tend to last.

You can find our great selection of Condor flight systems here - Condor



Unlike the condor system the Cosmo is made up of 2 parts like the traditional stem and flight combo but that is where the similarities end. With the traditional flight and stem it’s a constant battle to keep the flights in the stem during play and there is nothing worse than having to break concentration to fiddle about putting a flight back in a stem. The Cosmo system gets rid of this problem altogether with its ‘push-in’ system. Instead of putting the flight inside the stem, you put the stem inside the flights and lock it in. There are spinning versions and a locked version, these items come in a vast variety of shapes, colours and sizes and they're made from premium materials. Cosmo flights will only work with Cosmo stems so it’s a case of in for a penny in for a pound and that being said they are certainly not the cheapest thing in the world. Something like this is a marmite situation, you will think it’s the best thing since sliced bread or just about the most pointless thing ever made.

You can find our great selection of Cosmo flight systems here - Cosmo



The Harrows Clic is similar to the Cosmo system as the flight ‘pushes’ onto the stem and locks in place, the main difference however is that harrows don’t currently make a locked version of the shaft so currently there is only a spinning version available, the Clic system is a little heavier than the Cosmo so if you like a bit of extra weight towards the rear of the dart these would be ideal. The flights have reinforced edges so they are ultra-durable. Currently there is only a hand full of colours available and they only make the flights in standard shape. They are however well priced compared to its rivals.



This is one of our favourite products at Darts Corner as this system is ingenious. Unlike the others there is no stem involved it’s just a flight, this is because these have been made in such a way that they will fit (and fit tightly) on any 4 pronged dart shaft. When I say any, I mean any! They work with nylon and alloy stems. The flight itself weighs a bit more than the average dart flight so that needs to be taken into consideration as that will add a little extra weight to the rear of the dart. The flights edges are reinforced so this is an extremely hard wearing product but because they slot over the stem they actually protect the stem and increase the longevity of your stems as well which is brilliant!