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How to play snooker on a dartboard 08/08/2022

How to Play Snooker on a Dartboard

Fan of both snooker and darts? We’ve got just the game for you. Ideal for playing on your home dartboard or with a group of friends at your local pub, snooker darts is a fun darts game that’ll be easy to pick up whether you’re familiar with the rules of snooker or not.  Want to learn how to play snooker on a dartboard? Here at Darts Corner, we’ve created a definitive game guide for you to follow. Number of players required: 2 individuals or 2 teams. You’ll need:  1 dart... Read More


How to Play Killer Darts

If you’re looking to inject some excitement into your darts games, then here at Darts Corner we have the game for you; Killer Darts. This dynamic game is perfect for friendly competitive games or anyone looking to add some variety to their play sessions.  Killer is a game that can work well with odd numbers of players or large groups as it tends to play rather quickly. The aim of this game is to eliminate and knock out your opponents, as opposed to winning by reaching a particular score. The... Read More


Dart Barrels and Material

These days, the most common material for dart barrels used by budding darts players is Nickel-Tungsten. Tungsten is a very dense material, so these types of darts can be made very thin whilst still being the required weight. Many years ago when darts was still in its adolescence, most players used Brass barrels. Then Tungsten darts were released and their overnight success almost made Brass barrels obsolete. The problem with Brass is that it’s very light and very cheap, so the darts themselves were rather large, which makes high scoring... Read More


The Rules of Darts Explained

The rules of darts for professional playing are set out by the DRA (Darts Regulation Authority) to make sure that all games are played accurately and fairly. If you’re new to darts, however, the rules can seem a little obscure and may need some explaining. So, we at Darts Corner want to try and clear up and explain some of the sport’s rules so that you have a better understanding when you’re watching, or when you’re playing. This blog will focus on the rules of the most commonly played game... Read More


How to Play Cricket Darts

With its easy-to-follow rules and scoring system, cricket darts is a popular game amongst seasoned darts fans and novices alike. Accessible for all players and skill levels, it’s been a frequent favourite in pubs and bar settings for many years. Want to learn how to play cricket darts yourself? Here at Darts Corner, we’ve created a simple guide with all you need to know about playing the game. Number of players required: 2 individuals or 2 teams. Numbers in play: 20,19,18,17,16,15, and bullseye. You’ll need: Three darts per player/team A... Read More


Dartboard Setup

Having your board set up correctly is one of the most crucial parts of playing darts. Below we have some details of the measurements you need for your dartboard. We all know practice makes perfect. That’s why setting up your own dartboard at home can not only encourage hours of fun with friends, but also provide you with the tools you need to improve your game.  You’ll be pleased to know that setting up your own dartboard space isn’t that expensive, difficult or time-consuming. Here at Darts Corner, we’ll provide... Read More


Dart Shafts Setup

Down the local pub, many an argument has been had over what shaft size is best. Now the best answer to this is simply player preference! There is no right or wrong. There are some basic rules which will suit most players such as the heavier the dart the longer the shaft should be. In this case, for darts over 23g-24g, a medium shaft is going to suit most players. However there will be plenty of people reading this that use 26g darts with extra short shafts!  As mentioned there is... Read More